Can I put them into any shoes? 

Yes the Sole Revolution orthotics are designed to slip into your existing shoes. You will find they fit better if you remove any unattached insert already in the shoes. Sole Revolution orthotics are great in training shoes as well as casual, work and dress shoes.

Can I wash Sole Revolution orthotics?

Yes but only by hand using a cloth with soapy water. Then leave them to dry preferably in the sunlight. DO NOT put in the dryer!!

How long should the Sole Revolution orthotics last?

Sole Revolution orthotics have been wear tested for 12 months of standard wear. If you work on your feet all day, or use them during heavy training/running you may find they will go past their best supportive stage by 3-6 months. This is really about the same for your training footwear.

Can I trim the orthotics to fit my shoe?

Yes the Sole Revolution orthotics are able to be trimmed from the front/toe endue. Please only trim 3 -4mm off the end, and please do not encroach on the raised area of support.

From what age should children consider using Sole Revolution orthotics?

We have made the sizes for children from the age of 7 years and up beginning at size 33/44 European. If you are concerned about a child with smaller feet, or at a younger age please consult a qualified podiatrist.

How do your sizes work?

We have used the European size scale – as it seems to be the most universal size.

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